Having floor heating in a kitchen is a touch of luxury. The build stage is the perfect time to install the system and the required insulation before the floor height is established. When renovating, electric floor heating is the ideal addition to the project as it will not increase the floor height and will give a chance to enjoy warm kitchen floors for years to come.

The kitchen is one of the naturally warmest room in the house and floor heating is an ideal heating system as it can be used as an either primary or secondary heat source. The system gives design freedom and gives more space as no bulky radiators are needed. Floor heating does not take up any wall space, allowing to fully enjoy the kitchen. 

When planning a renovation or designing a kitchen for a new project, we’ve put together some of the best kitchen renovation ideas and tips we’ve seen.


Make use of every inch in and maximise storage space



Use grey and earth tones to create a modern feel



Combine pastels with vintage tiles



Think red and use it instead of the usual cabinet colours to create impact



Keep the kitchen clutter free – with well thought of storage solutions everything has its place


Use colours in a small kitchen to give it character



Add lights above the cooking zone


Be bold with the cabinet door colours and mix bright colours with neutral tones


Choose a durable and easy to clean floor – it will make everyday life easier


Kitchen island gives more counter top and storage space